Newsletter – December 2015

Greetings Fellow-Laborers,

Wow! I can hardly believe it’s Christmas time again!

As I look back over 2015, I am thankful for God’s patience, love, and help. As a single missionary, I am sometimes tempted to feel alone or worry about the future. But I am never truly alone. God is always there, and He has shown me His ability to care for me. A few months ago, I was forced to stay home for a few days due to back problems. Friends brought me food, came to check on me, and offered assistance. I am so grateful for the friends God has given me.

Recently, my immediate family flew to South Dakota to spend Thanksgiving. It was such a blessing to spend a few days visiting relatives. As we sat around the table after the big meal, we took turns sharing things we are thankful for. I thought of people I know who had nowhere to go for Thanksgiving, and I was reminded again of how blessed I am.

God has blessed me with the opportunity to serve as part of Silent Word Ministries. I am so excited about all that is happening here. Reaching Deaf people with the Gospel can present challenges. Deaf people are unique in that they do not have a “country” as many nationalities do. They are scattered and found in every country. Many places, even America, have no church with a deaf ministry. For deaf people, often the problem is not finding a “good” church, but finding any church where they can “hear” the Word of God.

SWM is broadening our outreach through the internet. The internet helps us to go places we could not go in person. It helps us to reach people we might never even know about otherwise. Our Deaf Bible Institute (DBI) is now available online. We also have a website called to help disciple new Christians, either deaf or hearing.

Just recently, some new outreaches have been started. One is called and features filmed Bible studies in American Sign Language (ASL). Right now, we have Bible studies on Acts, Revelation, and Ephesians. An “Old Testament People” study has just been started. There are also videos with clear presentations of the Gospel.

Bro. David Bennett, our international director, has begun creating a unique series called “C2C” or “Creation to Christ”. It uses gestures to teach, rather than actual signs, and is designed to teach deaf people who have little or no language. These videos are being added to

Soon we will be starting another project called “Bible Say What?” on Facebook. This is the ASL way of asking “What does the Bible say?” Different leaders in deaf ministry will discuss various Bible topics in 1-2 minute ASL videos.

In 2016, Silent Word Ministries will be celebrating 50 years of Deaf ministry! Think about that! 50 years! We are making plans now for some special things. Please pray for us as we look forward to what God has planned for the next 50 years.

Also in 2016, Bro. Bennett plans to take another mission team to the DeafNation World Expo in the summer. This will be a tremendous opportunity to share the Gospel with thousands of deaf from around the world. Please pray for souls to be saved.

You can make a difference by praying for:

  • Increased support – my current level is 49%.
  • More people called to reach the deaf.
  • Greater influence for the ministry.

A Peek into the Deaf World
Did you know?

  • Deafness is a culture. Many deaf do not feel they need to be “fixed”.
  • American Sign Language (ASL) is NOT universal.
  • Deaf people do not have a Bible in their language.


Truly Blessed
Tabitha Beam