Newsletter – November 2016

Greetings Fellow-Laborers,

“And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings…” (Daniel 2:21). Some changes, such as the changing of seasons or of beautiful colors in autumn, are wonderful. Other changes are more challenging to accept. We are seeing many changes in the world today, and sometimes we don’t like what we see. What a blessing to be reminded that God is still in control, no matter what happens!

Praise the Lord for His work this summer! On July 4-9, Silent Word Ministries International took a team of 30 people to the DeafNation World Expo. Thousands of Deaf people from around the world came to this event. Our team set up two booths and handed out thousands of tracts and Gospel DVDs. It was so exciting to see the unity, boldness, enthusiasm, and humility of our team. Several people were saved through teamwork. For example, where communication was a challenge because of the language barriers, another team member would be found who could explain the Gospel more clearly. I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with some people and to pray with others that another member had witnessed to. Because deaf people are visual, many of our team members used colored cloths (black, red, white, and yellow) in a unique way to demonstrate the Gospel. Our team was excited to report 98 salvation decisions.

AUGUST – I had the privilege of traveling to my home church, Franklin Road Baptist (FRBC), and substituting for one of our interpreters. While interpreting there for tent revival services, I was excited to see a Deaf lady visiting from Texas who had served on the SWMI mission team to DeafNation.

Also in August, SWM missionaries attended our annual missions retreat in Newport, Tennessee. What a blessing it was to have ALL of our missionaries together! My sister, Mary, and two other young ladies from FRBC came to help care for the children during the teaching times. One of the highlights of the retreat was seeing a new couple join Silent Word Ministries under our “Ministry of Helps” program (see the enclosed brochure for more information on this unique program).

SEPTEMBER – We were busy preparing the Silent Word newspaper for mailing and also getting ready for the October Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat (DBLR). This retreat is not conducted by SWM; however, SWM’s Mrs. Carlene Camp is one of the board members in this group. Our ladies designed memory books, made name tags and signs, filled baskets, and practiced for a sign language choir special. Each year, a different church hosts the retreat. This was the 30th anniversary of the DBLR, which the DBLR board hosted in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

OCTOBER – The dates of the DBLR were October 6-8, and this year’s theme was “The Perfect Gift.” dblr-2016There were 213 ladies in attendance. Our ladies enjoyed staying at the Inn at Christmas Place hotel. Workshops were taught in a church nearby. We discovered that there was no one to control the PowerPoint presentations and sound system. Much to my surpris2016-dblr-poster-smalle, one of the board members asked me to help even though I had never actually worked with a sound system before and had little experience with a projector. I agreed, after requesting that someone show me how to run the equipment. After some instruction, a Deaf lady and I, with God’s help, were able to accomplish what was required. I enjoyed learning, and was thankful the Lord used me to help. It seems there are always things to be done and and places to serve.

Please take time to read the brochure about our “Ministry of Helps” program. Often when “Christian ministry” is mentioned, people think of preachers, teachers, missionaries, and evangelists. But there are so many other ways God can use people who are willing. In the past, volunteers at SWM have helped with building, landscaping, video editing, filming, photography, cleaning, proofreading, stuffing and sealing envelopes, inventory, and more. Could God use you? Either one time or on a regular basis? (Knowing sign language would be helpful, but is certainly not a requirement.)

If you are unable to give of your time, perhaps you would consider adding SWM Office to your monthly giving. Most mission boards require 8-15% of every dollar given to help with home office financial needs. SWM does not do this. Our missionaries are blessed because we receive 100% of support and donations sent. Your gift of just $10 per month (or even a one-time gift) to our office helps us to continue printing and providing The Silent Word newspaper, tracts, Deaf Bible Institute, and helpful tri-folds for free each month. If the Lord touches your heart this way, please send your check to: Silent Word Ministries – PO Box 889 – Trenton, GA 30752 and designate for “SWM OFFICE.”

Truly Blessed,

Tabitha Beam

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