Newsletter – March 2016

Greetings Friends and Co-laborers,

This year, we are celebrating Silent Word Ministries’ 50th Anniversary! And 2016 has already been very busy.

From December 28 through January 1, I attended a “Deliberate Discipleship Retreat” led by the director of Silent Word Ministries International, Bro. David Bennett and his wife, Vicki. I, along with 7 other people, were greatly challenged to disciple others, not only through teaching but by demonstrating with our lives. Jesus took His disciples many places as He ministered, showing them how to serve God. We must also invest in and train others. If this does not happen, who will “go” when we no longer can?

In January, Vicki Shiffer (Deaf friend and volunteer at SWM) and I were thankful for the opportunity toCommunity SL Class 2016 work together and teach SWM’s annual Community Sign Language Class. We thoroughly enjoyed it. I taught signs and grammar to about 17 students while Vicki shared her unique perspective on Deaf culture and how it feels to be Deaf. I praise the Lord for His help in teaching that class for the first time.

The SWM Home Office here in Trenton, Georgia, has been a beehive of activity:

  • Greeting/preparing for guests staying in our prophet’s chambers almost weekly (Jan/Feb)
  • Preparing the Jan/Feb issue of the Silent Word newspaper which was mailed (Jan)
  • Preparing for our Deaf Men’s Retreat (Jan)
  • Preparing for our annual Board meeting (Feb)
  • Planning/preparing for 2 fellowships (Feb)

Now spring Fantastic Saturday meetings have begun. Bro. Jon and Mrs. Diane Barr reported a wonderful meeting in Orlando, Florida, with over 200 in attendance (133 deaf people), 35 churches represented, 1 deaf lady saved, and 19 other decisions made. This spring, SWM missionaries will be conducting these special area-wide, all-day Deaf ministry events in Georgia, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Arizona, California, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, another meeting in Florida – even Nova Scotia! Lord willing, I will be able to help with three of these meetings. Please pray for our missionaries as they travel, preach, and teach.

I praise the Lord that doors are opening for me to become more involved in the Deaf community in the Chattanooga area. Please pray for more opportunities.

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY! This summer, July 4-9, God has opened the door for me to once again join with the SWM International mission team on a trip to the DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be the third time I have made the trip to this Deaf Expo. Each time, SWM International sets up tables to enthusiastically share Gospel DVDs, tracts, SWM Newspapers, and other literature. God has used this event to bring thousands of Deaf people from all over the world right here to America, and we believe He will again. We have seen numerous people saved on these trips, and still occasionally hear of others being saved after they have returned home and watched the Gospel DVDs.

I am excited about this opportunity! We would love to see many Deaf saved. The total cost of the trip will be $1,450. If you would like to help in supporting my trip, there are two ways you can be involved:

  • Pray – for courage, compassion, & communication.
  • Provide – send a one-time donation to SWM, designated “Beam – Project” to help cover costs (see enclosed form).

Thank you for partnering with me in ministry!

A Peek into the Deaf World: Did you know?
Deafness is a communication handicap.
Deaf people can do anything hearing people can – except hear!

Truly Blessed,
Tabitha Beam

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