Newsletter – August 2017

Greetings Friends & Fellow Laborers,

What a summer! As Silent Word Ministries’ Home Office Missionary, my main job is helping to take care of the office so other missionaries are free to travel. I love to see how God is using SWM in the Deaf world!

Deaf CampSilent Word Ministries missionaries Bro. Jon and Mrs. Diane Barr taught at a deaf camp in Florida and reported 23 salvation decisions!

Ohio State FairBro. Jay and Mrs. Cathy Savelle (SWM Ministry of helps) set up a booth to share the Gospel with visitors. They reported 33 salvations!

ASL Institute & Deaf Bible ConferenceIn July, the SWM team conducted the ASL Institute & Deaf Bible Conference in Trenton, Georgia. 72 people attended! I was excited to help again this year. The same meeting in Pennsylvania had 87 in attendance with 5 salvation decisions!

AfricaVicki Shiffer (SWM deaf volunteer) joined a team from Medical Missions Outreach on a 10-day trip to Kenya. The team reported 45 salvation decisions. (Note: this was not a trip to deaf people, but God used a deaf lady on this trip. God’s command is for Deaf people to also go into “ALL the world” – which includes reaching people who are not deaf!)

GeorgiaBro. Ted & Mrs. Carlene Camp, the Barrs, Allen Snare, and I recently visited a supporting church near Atlanta, Georgia. There was one deaf lady attending. It was a joy to visit and encourage this church.

The Home Office has been busy as well:

We have had over 30 individuals or families stay in our prophet’s chambers so far this year. I have been busy overseeing schedules, check-ins, cleaning, and laundry.

We published and mailed our July/August issue of the bi-monthly free Silent Word newspaper. Getting the newspaper ready for printing takes about two weeks. After printing, volunteers come on Monday and Tuesday to stuff church/ministry packets and put labels on individual papers. Over 11,000 newspapers are mailed every two months!

I am thankful that God is sending volunteers. Mrs. Belinda Pierce, a lady from Piney Grove Baptist Church, has been a huge help with bulk mailings such as prayer letters, monthly receipts, and advertisements for ASL Institute and Deaf Men’s Retreat. Also a new family, Robert and Judy Floyd and their three girls, recently moved here from Florida to volunteer at SWM.

Recently, SWM conducted our annual missions retreat. We had a great time of learning, fellowshipping, and getting to know each other better.

UPCOMING: This fall, it is my turn to travel, and I have a full schedule!

SEPTEMBER On September 15-21, I am scheduled to be in Missouri visiting with SWM missionaries Paul and Rachel Strosnider and assisting in their missions conference. After the conference, I will fly to Colorado for a single ladies’ retreat before returning to Georgia. I am excited for this opportunity to grow personally and encourage other single ladies.

OCTOBEROn October 6, my sister, Mary, will be getting married, so I will be in TN for about a week to help with the wedding.

On October 12-14, I will again be attending the annual Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat with some of the other SWM ladies. This year’s retreat is hosted in Whitewater, Wisconsin. The theme is “Mustard Seed Faith.” Deaf (and hearing) ladies from across the United States attend this conference.

God is so good!


  • In July, my car broke down. After sending an email appeal, over $6,000 was promised and received within a couple of weeks to purchase a reliable 2010 Nissan Versa. I am so thankful for the support and prayers of family and friends! And I am enjoying my reliable “new” car.

  • God recently gave me three new supporterstwo individuals and one ladies’ ministry group!

Prayer Requests:

  • In the Bible, Jesus saw the need to withdraw from the crowds at times. Please pray that I will use the singles’ retreat to focus more on God.

  • Please pray that God will help a deaf woman I know to understand her need for salvation.

I now have 55% of my support. The current need is for an additional $800 per month. Will you join me in making a difference in the Deaf world? Thank you for your consideration.

Truly Blessed

Tabitha Beam