My Thoughts

“The Home Office Missionary”

Her position she should not take lightly.
It is her job to shine most brightly. (Mt. 5:16)
She ought to share a bright, warm smile,
Bearing others’ burdens the extra mile. (Gal. 6:2; Mt. 5:41)
To paperwork she’s not confined,
Her job may yet be undefined.

Though scrubbing floors and cleaning doors
May not be quite her favorite chores,
Yet things her hands may find to finish,
Should then with all her might diminish. (Ecc. 9:10)
She isn’t perfect, this she knows,
Sometimes it seems her ignorance grows.

So also should her heart’s surrender. (Prov. 23:26)
May day by day her heart grow tender.
Mistakes, for sure, are quite expected,
But improvement ought not be neglected.
So please be patient week by week,
As she attempts God’s face to seek.

If she be helping overmuch, (Prov. 27:14)
Attempting things she should not touch,
She ought not think that you’re a snob
If you tell her that it’s not her job. (Smile)
But if you have a request or need,
This job description please take heed.

If it helps someone, or lifts a load,
Please let her walk with you that road.
Please don’t assume she’d not be willing
To do the job God has her filling.
Let her be blessed through helping you.
(You may receive a blessing too!)

“The Home Office Missionary”
© Written By Tabitha Beam