Newsletter – October 2014

Prayer Letter
October 2014

Dear Fellow-Laborers,

Greetings! Much has happened since my last letter.


Just recently, my sweet grandmother, Thelma Ferguson (also known to my family as “Mia”), went to Heaven. I was traveling with some of our ladies here at SWM, on our way to the annual Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat (this year in St. Louis, Missouri) when I received the call that Mia would not live long. I quickly booked a flight to my aunt’s house in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. At 4am on October 9, the nursing home called to say that she had slipped into eternity – one day before her 94th birthday! Can you imagine a better way to spend a birthday than a reunion with Jesus and family? Mia was a wonderful lady that left behind a Godly heritage and sweet memories. I was thankful for the opportunity to spend several days with family and attend her memorial service. A special thank you also to those who knew and prayed, gave encouragement, provided transportation to/from the airport, or helped in other ways.


In August, our missionaries attended our yearly Missions Retreat. It was such a refreshing time of refocusing, learning, and visiting with some of our missionaries who live in other states.

Also in August, the Lord gave me the opportunity to travel with Bro. Jon and Mrs. Diane Barr to St. Louis, Missouri for a Fantastic Saturday meeting. I was so thrilled to be a part of the meeting and to be able to help in various ways. It was so wonderful to see the enthusiasm that the pastor there has for Deaf ministry (he has preached in both voice and signs himself!), and the eagerness of the interpreters to learn and improve their signing skills. Sometimes we find in ministries that interpreters tend to become satisfied with their skill level and stop learning and adapting. My desire is to always be improving and becoming more “ASL” with my signs.

At the Home Office here in Trenton, Georgia, things are finally progressing on our website. For many months, we have struggled with our website, particularly the online store. Customers have had a difficult time ordering products. Recently, the decision was made to complete change our entire site. We are excited to present our updated and (we believe) much more user-friendly website. Please visit:

  • (main)

  • (online store)

Sometimes here at the office, we receive calls from pastors who are interested in starting or growing a deaf ministry. Other times, an individual may call, wanting to learn sign language or looking for some way to help a deaf friend or relative who is feeling lonely or disconnected. It is so exciting to assist these people by providing resources or directing them to a good church in their area that has a deaf ministry.

I am thankful for the continuing opportunity to be involved with the Chattanooga Rescue Mission as I go with Mrs. Diane Barr once a month when she teaches the women’s chapel. Also, our ladies’ Sunday School class at Piney Grove Baptist Church has started a ministry by providing a house-warming shower to encourage any of the ladies who graduate from the Rescue Mission’s nine-month addiction program. Many of these ladies have very little, so we gather household items that can be used when they move into an apartment or house.

God is good!

Prayer Requests:

  • More Deaf people to be discipled, faithful, and motivated to reach their own people.

  • Meeting opportunities to share my ministry.

  • Increased support. Presently, my current monthly support level is $1800. I receive $1,115 (this includes $500 supplemental income from SWM). My remaining support need is $685. Thank you to all who have helped. You are a blessing.


truly blessed

(Truly Blessed)

Tabitha Beam

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