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Extreme Living with Fuzzy Slippers On

“Ever feel like there has to be more to life? Some reason why you’re on this planet – like you’re meant to DO or BE something special? Well, you’re right. I am not an extreme person. I’m not the “life of the party”…the risktaker, one who lives for a thrill. My friends will tell you I’m pretty quiet. But I know I have a purpose, and I’m learning that life can be lived to the “extreme” – from behind the scenes as well as out in front. There’s a time for both. There’s a bazillion little things that we can do everyday that makes a difference. Let’s follow the path that leads us to who we were meant to be. I should warn you though…we may start out in “fuzzy slippers”, but I’ve already discovered that sometimes you simply have to pull out the tennis shoes.”