Photo Gallery

DeafNation World Expo Mission Trips

SWM International Mission Trip – DeafNation World Expo – 2010
SWM International Mission Trip – DeafNation World Expo 2012
Handing out tracts @ DeafNation World Expo
At our booth
Giving Gospel tracts & Gospel DVDs
Two hearing missionaries & two Deaf actors
Crowd at DeafNation World Expo
DeafNation Expo crowd
SWM International Team – 2016
A Deaf couple who received Christ
Deaf ladies from Thailand
Image of Miss Deaf Pageant
“Miss Deaf” pageant
DeafNation World Expo
DeafNation World Expo – 2022

Other Events

Beginner Sign Language Class
Helping Harvest Deaf Ministries w/ Teen Camp
Working on “The Silent Word” newspaper
2021 ASL Institute group
ASL Institute in Trenton, GA
Teaching Beginners at ASLI in Michigan
me with two Deaf ladies in WV
Deaf ladies at Fantastic Saturday in West Virginia
Helping SWM missionaries in Canada
At the Revival Signs camp meeting in Canada
Assisting Mrs. Carlene Camp at a Deaf ladies conference
Attending Harvest Deaf Ministries’ Ladies Retreat
SWM ladies w/ Sue Thomas, Deaf teacher
Deaf Luncheon in Pensacola, FL – 2019
Visiting with college students at PCC (Florida) – 2019
SWM Ladies Choir
Signing Choir at Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat – 2022
Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat group
Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat in Branson, Missouri – 2022
Bible Heroes Drama @ the Ark Encounter in Kentucky – 2023