Newsletter – October 2019

“To walk with God, you must go at a walking pace.” Chinese pastor Wong Ming Dow spoke these words many years ago after spending 20+ years in solitary confinement with only the Lord for fellowship. SWM International Director David Bennett told Pastor Ming Dow’s story at a Deliberate Discipleship Retreat that I attended in August. The theme was “Walking with God in the Garden.” In the busyness of ministry, I must make a focused effort to spend time with God through His Word, prayer, singing, and even resting.

It amazes me how God can take a shy, reserved girl and give her strength and courage to do things she never dreamed of doing! That’s what He is doing with me. He has given me many opportunities this summer and fall to stand and teach others or share what God is doing in Deaf ministry and in my life.

JULY – During the annual Silent Word ASL Institute conferences in Georgia and Michigan, I taught the Beginner Sign Language classes. (Photo below on left.) It was a joy to share my love for signs and Deaf culture with others. But as people asked insightful questions, I also found myself challenged to further improve my own sign language skills.

AUGUST – Every year SWM conducts a mission retreat. (SWM Team photo above on right.) This year, we had an extra day of workshops. This was such a blessing as it allowed more time to fellowship without feeling rushed. It also gave me an opportunity to visit a deaf ministry in Morristown, Tennessee, not far from the conference center where we stayed. It was a blessing to meet the only interpreter (the pastor’s wife) and the deaf people and to share SWM materials with them.

(Left) Ana & Melanie interned at SWM
(Middle Right) Hannah, a new friend

While I was in Florida, a deaf friend invited me to an “ASL Lunch.” I met several deaf people and shared copies of the “Silent Word Newspaper” that I had with me. God had prepared me for this unexpected event.

SEPTEMBER – My brother, Joshua, is on staff at Pensacola Christian College. I drove down to surprise him for his birthday and stayed several days with him and my sister-in-law, Whitney. While there, I was able to spend a little time with students at the college who have interned with SWM. The visit was brief, but enjoyable.

On my way back from Florida, I visited a church in Alabama. There was a couple attending who wanted to start a deaf ministry and reach the nearby deaf/blind community. They were very friendly, and I enjoyed getting to know them a little bit. I love making new contacts with churches and ministries and providing resources and encouragement.

OCTOBER – On October 9-12, SWM ladies traveled to Plymouth, Massachusetts, for the Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat. The theme was “Give Thanks.” It was cool, windy, and rainy, but attitudes were cheerful and grateful. I shared a brief testimony at the conference and joined the other SWM ladies in signing a special song.

Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat in Plymouth, Massachusetts

UPCOMING – Currently I have no trips planned for the next few months, except for visiting my family at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But things continue here at the office with processing book orders, making website upgrades, preparing and sending “The Silent Word” newspaper in November, sending missionary prayer letters, assisting missionary guests at SWM (who are on furlough or deputation), and staying in touch with other SWM missionaries with their upcoming meetings and events.

Prayer Requests:

Over the last few years, Bro. Jon Barr and I have been keeping the SWM websites up to date and working. Now we have a professional team combining all of the sites and giving them a brand new look. Once that is done, we will add content. We are very excited about this project. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and quickly.

Please continue to pray that I will raise my full support. In August, I presented my ministry in a church in Rossville, Georgia, and I will share in a missions conference on October 25 here in Trenton. I currently have 48% of my support.

I am amazed at the things God enables me to do and excited to see what He will do through me in the future!

Truly Blessed,
Tabitha Beam

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