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Newsletter – November 2022

I thank God “who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry.” (1 Timothy 1:12) The ministry God has given me as SWM Home Office Missionary is exciting and challenging.

The Home Office can be a very lively place at times. Recently, we have been preparing for a new season of Fantastic Saturday events. These area-wide Deaf outreaches in various states begin in the fall and continue in the spring. After a theme has been chosen, I update the details on fliers and web pages, then create PDFs, print and send fliers, and create Facebook events for at least 10 different events. SWM missionaries have already reported good meetings in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

In September, 30+ orders for tracts, books, DVDs, and other materials were mailed. One of these was for a missionary from Puerto Rico who asked us to send free materials for an upcoming Deaf event. What a joy it was to send 2 boxes of newspapers, pamphlets, Gospel tracts in Spanish & English, DVDs, and flipcharts! Please pray for God’s provision, as postage costs have increased 3 times this year.

Allen Snare
SWM Missionary Allen Snare printing at the Home Office

SWM Deaf missionary Allen Snare is a huge help here at the office by printing and assembling materials. Bro. Snare has been traveling a lot recently for meetings, camps, and other events in the Northeast. While this is certainly a blessing, it also means that other missionaries must print in his absence. A new cutting machine for the print shop was recently donated to SWM. I learned how to use it so I now print and cut materials. Volunteers collate, staple, and bind materials, but please pray that God would provide another printer to assist Bro. Snare.

Also in September, the main focus at the Home Office was preparing and printing the next issue of “The Silent Word” newspaper. This usually takes about 2-3 weeks of focused work for SWM staff. My responsibilities include: researching and submitting an article on Deaf news, designing a word search puzzle, updating special product sales & coupons in the online store, updating church and ministry ads on the SWM website, making sure envelopes are counted for bundles sent to churches, designing 2 product ad pages to include in church bundles, preparing address labels, and directing volunteers as they process packets and label newspapers. It’s a blessing to see the volunteers that God sends to help mail this “deaf” newspaper around the world!

Every week, I answer calls from people wanting to send donations, order materials, ask questions about Deaf ministry, and more. I also answer the video phone where Deaf people ask about their Deaf Bible Institute test grades, update their addresses for the newspaper, order materials, and seek advice or sharing prayer requests.

Letters frequently arrive from prisoners, both Deaf and hearing. Some request tracts and free materials. Others are lonely, looking for a pen pal. Please pray that God would call someone special to this needed ministry, as reading and responding to these letters takes thought and time. Could you help?

DeafNation World Expo
Gospel table @ DeafNation World Expo

In early August, SWM International took a mission trip to the DeafNation World Expo. I was very excited to be a part of the team. SWMI set up three tables and gave out hundreds of bags with Gospel tracts, DVDs, and newspapers. Two other ministries, Harvest Deaf Ministries and Roman’s Road for the Deaf also had tables. Between the three teams, there were 68 salvation decisions reported that week! Praise the Lord! Only He knows the decisions that may happen in the future through the literature that was handed out.

SWM Ladies Choir
SWM Ladies Choir

Outside the office, I taught the Beginner Sign Language classes at ASL Institute in Georgia and Michigan, and attended or helped with ladies’ fellowships and Deaf fellowships. On October 6-8, SWM ladies attended the Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat. I helped with preparation, decorating, taking pictures, and assisting with PowerPoint presentations and technology-related needs.

Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat group
Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat group

Please pray:

  • For wisdom in coordinating volunteer projects.
  • For God to provide my remaining 16% support needed.
  • For God’s provision of $1,200 for a new laptop to use in ministry. [PRAISE THE LORD! NEED IS MET!]

Thankful for you all,

Tabitha Beam

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