Newsletter – November 2017

Greetings Friends & Fellow Laborers,

Wow! I have enjoyed so much the past few months! As the Home Office missionary, the Lord has placed on my heart to visit some of the SWM missionaries in other locations. Seeing their ministries in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Canada, and eventually Romania, England, and Africa will help me to better know our missionaries, understand their goals and burdens, and serve them better at the Home Office.

MISSOURIIn October of this year, I had the opportunity to spend 6 days enjoying the hospitality of SWM church-planting missionaries Paul and Rachel Strosnider. Bro. Strosnider is the pastor of Ephraim Baptist Church of the Deaf in Florissant, Missouri. The Strosniders invited me to be involved in their missions conference. Gerry and Sheril Locklear, missionaries to the Native American tribes, were also involved in the conference. Of course I did not preach, but God gave boldness as I signed several songs for special music, gave my testimony, and showed a presentation of my ministry. 

It was a joy to talk with the Strosniders, hear their goals for the ministry, see their church, and meet the deaf. One morning, I joined Rachel and a deaf lady for their weekly Bible study. And I loved getting up each morning to the sweet little voice of the Strosniders’ 20-month old daughter, Abigail, who was constantly calling for “Tabada” (Tabitha)! 🙂 While in Missouri my cousin, Sarah Tate, surprised me with a visit. I had not seen her in several years. It was a blessing to have her join us on Wednesday.

COLORADO I flew from Missouri to Colorado for a single ladies’ retreat. Triple S Ministries (Singles Serving the Savior) was organized to strengthen and encourage single, divorced, and widowed women of all ages. This retreat was not connected with deaf ministry, but it was a time of personal refreshment for me. I knew no one when I went, but found that some ladies there knew people I also knew. One of the inspirations for Triple S Ministries was a single lady named Joanna Jackson. Before she passed away from cancer a couple of years ago, Joanna had a heart for deaf people and interpreted in her church. She served on a SWM International mission trip to the DeafNation World Expo in 2010.

TENNESSEEAfter Colorado, I returned to Georgia briefly, then headed to Tennessee for my sister’s wedding. The week went by in a whirlwind of guests and activities. Daniel and Mary had a beautiful Christ-honoring wedding, and I was blessed to stand as a bridesmaid with my sister on her special day.

WISCONSINAfter the wedding, I again returned to Georgia for a couple of days. Then Mrs. Carlene Camp, Mrs. Diane Barr, and I attended the annual Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat (DBLR). This year, the retreat was conducted at Camp Joy in Wisconsin. SWM missionary Donna Condra and missionary Brenda Himes from the Philippines shared a room with Mrs. Barr and me. Once again the weekend flew by with workshops, activities, and an unexpected event. One of the speakers was taken to the hospital on Friday night with extreme pain, and one of our missionaries stayed all night to interpret. Many prayers were raised, and God answered. The lady was released two days later, feeling much improved.

I am now back in Georgia, serving in the office and preparing for the Christmas season and new year. We recently had a “Thanksgiving” fellowship with a big meal before church. Thirteen deaf people came!

On December 27-January 3, I will attend a Deliberate Discipleship Retreat (DDR) conducted by SWM International director, David Bennett. The focus of this retreat is on the Spiritual Gifts that God gives each of us in the body of Christ. Then in January, SWM will prepare for its annual Community Sign Language class and Deaf Men’s Retreat. So much to be thankful for!

Prayer Request:

Wisdom and boldness for greater outreach and influence in 2018, both for myself and for SWM.

I now have 55% of my support. The current need is for an additional $800 per month. Will you join me in making a difference in the Deaf world? Please send gifts and support to Silent Word Ministries and designate for “Tabitha Beam.” Thank you for your consideration.

Truly Blessed

Tabitha Beam

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