Newsletter – March 2022

Jehovah M’Kaddesh – “The God Who sanctifies.” We are saved through faith in Christ’s finished work – His death on the cross and His resurrection. How wonderful to know that after salvation, He doesn’t leave us alone to figure out how to grow spiritually! It is through our personal relationship with God that we are changed and made like Christ. His job is to sanctify (make us right) – our job is simply to yield and follow His leading.

Last December, God gave me a theme for 2022 – FOLLOW. I followed Him many years ago when I surrendered to Deaf ministry, and I continue to follow Him in service now. But the word “follow” has many meanings: to go after; to engage in as a calling or way of life; to accept as authority; to copy; to watch steadily; to keep the mind on or attend closely to (Webster’s Dictionary). In the days ahead, I want to be more intentional in following Christ.

How God has led – A “visual” ministry – A couple of years ago, I found myself thanking God for my eyeglasses. Without them, I could not see! I learned about a ministry called Medical Missions Outreach (MMO). They conduct foreign medical clinics to assist with dental, vision, and medical needs and to share the Gospel. (One MMO missionary recently reported giving out “978 glasses in Honduras to 796 patients, and 80 people accepted Christ as their Savior!” Praise the Lord!) I decided to help. The Trenton post office gave me permission to put a collection box there, and 200+ pairs of glasses have been donated over the past two years. Recently, a local optometrist office worker noticed the box. She called and asked if I wanted two large boxes of glasses. Of course, I said, “Yes!” 278 more pairs of glasses! What a special blessing from God! Please pray that these glasses will help people to see physically, but also spiritually by exposing them to the Gospel. (Note: Deaf people sometimes come to these clinics. Deaf people “hear” with their eyes. If they cannot see sign language clearly, how can they learn about Jesus?)

“I want to know more about Jesus!” A few weeks ago, I came into the office one morning, and moments later, the phone rang. I answered, and a deaf man was calling through an interpreting agency. He said, “I’m interested in learning more about the Savior. Do you have a Deaf preacher?” I gave his number to SWM Deaf missionary Allen Snare, who called the man on the office videophone (a device for Deaf people to call and see each other face-to-face, like Zoom or Skype). He clearly explained the Gospel and the man prayed to be saved! The man called Allen back later that day and told him, “I feel so different!” What a thrill!

How God is leading – Every year, I look forward to ministering to Deaf people, interpreters, and others at SWM annual area-wide Deaf events called Fantastic Saturdays. We are very thankful for the ones who attend yearly. Yet we desire to also reach more Deaf young people and unsaved people with the Gospel. Recently, at the event in Trenton, GA, 123 people (and one service dog) came! A group from my home church in Tennessee came with 8 Deaf people, include the first Deaf man I ever met. God used him many years ago to start me on my journey into the Deaf world.

This summer, thousands of Deaf people and their hearing families from around the world will come to the US for the DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas! Silent Word Ministries International (SWMI) will have booths at this secular event, and mission team members will share the Gospel and give Bible literature. This is my fourth trip to this event, and I am so excited to see what God will do! In the past, SWMI teams saw God save souls and send Gospel materials into closed countries. What an opportunity to reach Deaf people in China, Egypt, Mongolia, Brazil, Thailand, and other countries from America! Please pray for this important trip. Praise the Lord, funds for my trip and airfare have been provided!

In the office, we are receiving many orders plus more and more online messages from deaf people in foreign countries. Please pray for wisdom in communicating effectively and ministering to them.

Prayer Requests:

  • For Salvation – for a hearing lady I witnessed to recently, a Deaf lady who recently left the Mormon church, and a hearing friend who occasionally helps at SWM
  • Cost of gas for traveling missionaries
  • For Increased support

Praise – new supporter in January!

Thankful for you all,

Tabitha Beam

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