Newsletter – March 2018

Greetings Friends & Fellowlaborers,

This year began with an exciting highlight. I had the privilege to attend a Deliberate Discipleship Retreat led by SWM International director, Bro. David Bennett. The 8-day retreat was centered around the topic of Biblical “spiritual gifts.” Understanding these gifts helped me to recognize the unique area of service God has equipped me for and to better understand and serve alongside of differently-gifted Christians. I learned that “a spiritual gift is a Spirit-given grace, burden, and motivation to serve God and, through spiritual discernment, meet a specific area of need for the sake of Christ’s body and God’s glory.” Each of the seven spiritual gifts mentioned in Romans 12:6-8 is given with the purpose of motivating and equipping the members to work in the following need–areas of ministry: physical, emotional, doctrinal, material, purity, administrative, and practical spiritual needs. This is a very simplified explanation. But when people know where they belong and submit to God’s plan, the body of Christ is healthy and strong, and the work of God is accomplished.

So much work still needs to be done to reach the Deaf World with the Gospel! I was thinking recently how each country has its own unique flag to represent it. Even in America, each state has a flag. Deaf people have a language and culture and are a people-group, but they have no flag to represent them. Suppose they did have a flag. Where would you find it? In EVERY continent, country and state!

That’s where we must go to reach the Deaf World! We don’t have enough missionaries for that! Will you help us pray for more laborers to reach the Deaf? Not only missionaries are needed, but also lay people. God can use church interpreters and people who are skilled in photography, videography, technology, web design, and many other areas to assist in reaching the Deaf World with the Gospel.


Recently, Silent Word Ministries conducted a Fantastic Saturday here in Trenton, Georgia. We were excited to have 126 in attendance, including 47 Deaf people, and 10 churches. The theme for this spring is “Reaching Beyond to the Deaf World.” The special day was filled with congregational singing (“Untold Millions Are Still Untold”) and a Deaf choir from Harvest Deaf Ministries, Bible teaching, interpreter training, Deaf classes, a new class for Deaf couples, children’s program, exciting Minute-to-Win-It games, door prize drawings, fellowship, food, and fun. We had a Fantastic Saturday in the Atlanta area on March 10, and will be conducting another one on March 24 in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Happenings at the Home Office:

  • I taught the annual Community Sign Language class in the evenings, January 15-19 – about 40 people attended that week!

  • SWM conducted its annual board meeting/banquet on February 11.

  • Guests stayed in our rooms 9 different times since the beginning of the year.

  • SWM conducted a ladies’ fellowship on Feb. 17.

  • SWM sent out The Silent Word newspaper in January and at the end of March.

Outside the Office:

  • Attended “Happy Hands” Deaf social monthly

  • Visited shut-ins with ladies’ S.S. class from church

  • Attended monthly interpreter workshops

  • Interpreted at churches

I currently have 55% of my support. The need is for an additional $800 per month. Will you join me in making a difference in the Deaf world? Please send gifts and support to Silent Word Ministries and designate for “Tabitha Beam.” Thank you for your consideration.

Truly Blessed,

Tabitha Beam

Truly Blessed

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