Newsletter – July 2022

It is exciting to look back at what God has done in recent months and to look forward to what He may do!
Highlights from Spring 2022:

Branson, Missouri – In April, SWM missionary Mrs. Carlene Camp and I flew to Branson, Missouri for a few days to meet with some other ladies who are on the board of the “Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat” (Mrs. Camp is also on the board). They were planning this year’s retreat (to be hosted in October at the Stone Castle Hotel in Branson) and asked me and another lady to assist with decorating and advertising. It was a profitable trip, and much was accomplished.

Biblical Counseling Class – In May, I attended a week-long class at Harvest Deaf Ministries in Ringgold, Georgia. For four hours each morning, Dr. Steve Viars from Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries in Lafayette, Indiana taught principles of counseling from the Bible and showed recorded counseling sessions for experience and training. The class was excellent, and I was grateful for the opportunity to learn, as well as to interact with students and staff at Harvest. Please pray that God will direct me about taking other classes on counseling. On a side note: This fall, I plan to graduate from the Faith Bible Institute program (a 3-year chronological study of the Bible) that I am studying at a local church here in Trenton.

Canaan Land – In June, I took a personal retreat at Canaan Land Christian retreat center in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina. The center provides a place to stay for those in full-time ministry. A sign at Canaan Land says: “Come ye yourselves apart into a (WILDERNESS) place, and rest a while” (Mark 6:31). It was so refreshing to limit calls and correspondence and spend time surrounded by God’s creation, reading, thinking, walking, and praying. The day after I arrived, I attended a church in Brevard, North Carolina. I returned on Wednesday night, and the pastor asked me to share briefly about Silent Word Ministries and my missionary work. He then asked me to return the following Sunday morning and share again with a larger crowd. Praise the Lord, God gave me another supporting church! I love seeing how God works!

At the Home Office, things stay busy. The prophet’s chambers at the office have been used a lot this spring by SWM missionaries and other traveling missionaries. God has sent volunteers and missionaries to assist with technical issues; write descriptions for online products; pull weeds; mail orders, letters, and receipts; and even answer phones. This has given me more flexibility in being out of the office for meetings, classes, and my retreat.

Outreach from the Home Office: From the beginning of April until the writing of this letter, we have received orders for and sent over 3,800 Gospel tracts! We also communicated with deaf people in foreign countries over Facebook Messenger. In recent months, I connected a deaf lady in Malaysia with a SWM missionary in Pennsylvania for Bible study and a deaf lady in Cameroon with a SWM missionary in Liberia. I even used Google Translate to communicate with a Cuban Deaf man in Florida. I gave him names for both a Deaf church and a church with a Deaf ministry near him! Please pray for effective communication and wisdom in ministering.

Several SWM missionary ladies teach in the women’s chapel at the Chattanooga Rescue Mission. I have assisted many times. On one occasion recently, God opened the door for me to actually teach the chapel personally. God blessed abundantly, and the ladies responded very well. One lady shared how God had been working in her life and how she wanted to stay on the right path. Please pray for Amanda.

In August, I will be sharing the Gospel at the DeafNation World Expo (DNWE) with the SWMI mission team in Las Vegas. Around 12,000 people from around the world are expected to attend this secular event. Please pray for unity, boldness, guidance, and clear communication as we give out Gospel literature and share the Gospel with Deaf and hearing people. I know God will do great things!

Prayer Requests:

  • DeafNation World Expo
  • Continued increased support (currently at 82%)


  • New supporting church in North Carolina!

Thankful for you all,

Tabitha Beam

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