Newsletter – August 2018

Greetings Friends & Fellow-Laborers,

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). There are so many needs in ministry and not enough time and energy to accomplish everything. Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the tasks and forget the reason we are serving…to bring honor and glory to God and be a blessing to people around us. A wise friend once told me to respond with “Let me pray about it” before accepting a new project.God knew life would be busy and full of struggles. I’m thankful that He invites us to come to Him daily for wisdom, strength, and His schedule for the day.

April and May were busy months. I had events planned almost every night after office hours and on weekends for several weeks – attending interpreter workshops, visiting friends, visiting at the Chattanooga Rescue Mission, assisting with another Community Sign Language class at SWM, and helping with a yard sale to raise funds to attend the Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat (DBLR this coming fall – October 4-6).

In July, all of my family (Florida & Tennessee) was on vacation from work at the same time. So I had the privilege of spending July 4thweek in TN catching up with my parents, siblings and their spouses.

SWM conducted an ASL Institute and Deaf Bible Conference in July. We were excited to see over 90 people attending, including many first-time guests.

Happening in the Fall…

This fall, God has opened the door for me to visit Bud and Jenna Ring, SWM missionaries to Canada. I will be helping at their Deaf “Revival Signs” camp on September 5-8, along with Jim and Terry Bracelin (SWM missionaries) and Allen Snare (SWM deaf missionary/evangelist). I am excited to spend time with the Rings and see their ministry. Before we fly to Canada, I also hope to spend time in Pennsylvania with the Bracelins and see their ministry as well.

In October, several of the SWM ladies will be flying to Phoenix, Arizona, for the Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat. We look forward to this every year, and enjoy the fellowship with deaf ladies from across the States. The theme is “Beauty For Ashes.”

Local Opportunities…

While teaching sign language is not SWM’s primary goal, sometimes teaching signs provides open doors for sharing the Gospel. In January, a local man named John visited our community class. He loves helping people and later volunteered at SWM. One of our missionaries had a conversation with him about Heaven. He felt Heaven was just a place to worship God forever and was not interested in going. He does not yet see his need for salvation.

Recently, a lady named Tiffiany stopped by the office looking for materials to teach her 5-year-old daughter signs as part of her homeschool curriculum. Tiffiany invited me to join her homeschool Facebook group. She told me that other families are also interested in teaching ASL to their children. Tiffiany said that she does not attend church currently but is becoming “more religious” for her daughter’s sake. She wants her daughter to be a “good person.” Please pray for John, Tiffiany & others that God brings to SWM.

Others have expressed interest in learning more about the Deaf community. A nearby apartment complex, where one of the Deaf volunteers from SWM lives, invited us to come and talk about Deaf people and teach a few signs. One mother called the office and asked about sign language classes for herself and her two children. And the Trenton library has asked for someone to teach a class in September during “Deaf Awareness Month.”

Special Prayer Requests…

Please pray for a local deaf woman to see her need for God. I have mentioned her in the past. She is resisting the Lord and says she has no interest in being saved.

I am thankful for those who have partnered with me to support my ministry. Currently I have 55% and need an additional $800 per month. Please consider helping me to reach the Deaf world and assist other SWM missionaries. Gifts/support may be sent to Silent Word Ministries and designated for “Tabitha Beam.” Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support.

Truly Blessed,
Tabitha Beam
Silent Word Ministries Home Office Missionary