Ladies Retreat group at the Bill Rice Ranch

Newsletter – April 2021

Greetings Friends & Fellow-Laborers,

How time flies! In 2005, God crossed the path of a young woman, unsure of her future, with a seasoned missionary to the Deaf. Shortly after a mission trip to the Philippines, God began to show her how He had been leading all along through her interest in sign language as a teen. After a few years, she enrolled in college to study signs full time, and on May 16, 2011, she moved to Trenton, GA, to assist Silent Word Ministries for a one-month period. That was me…10 years ago! At the end of one month… I stayed, and God gave me the privilege of becoming the SWM Home Office Missionary.

In the beginning, I answered phones, made coffee, mailed orders, and greeted guests. Since then, I have learned SO MUCH, and God has greatly “enlarged my coast” (1 Chronicles 4:10).

Here are some blessings (and challenges) from the past 10 years:


  • Learned new skills in ministry – website design, grading Bible courses, editing/proofing, running machinery
  • Assisted with SWM Deaf events and making new friends (deaf & hearing)
  • Taught beginner sign language classes locally and tutored one girl through Skype


  • Befriended a shut-in lady and joined others to play Scrabble with her for several years for the purpose of witnessing
  • Interpreted in local churches and taught sign language
  • Taught a teen girls’ class in a local church
  • Ministered to my neighbors, postal workers, and many volunteers that help with projects at the home office
  • Enrolled in the Faith Bible Institute (studying through the Bible chronologically – I attend weekly)


  • Helped SWM missionaries Bud & Jenna Ring with the “Deaf Revival Signs” camp meeting in Canada
  • Joined the SWMI team (David Bennett) for three DeafNation World Expo events to share the Gospel
  • Communicated locally and internationally through SWM social media
  • Helped to make PDF download purchases available to foreign countries through our online store•

Personally – God’s provision:

Ladies Retreat group at the Bill Rice Ranch
Ladies Retreat at the Bill Rice Ranch
  • Financially – the generosity of supporters and one-time donors (several that I have never met!)
  • Physically – first a car and now a house; God’s care of close family members through some serious health issues; safety through travels and 2 tornadoes
  • Emotionally – God showing Himself strong and comforting through my time of back problems, providing friends – missionaries, Deaf people, church members, and others
  • Spiritually – being challenged and encouraged by the testimonies and faithfulness of Godly co-workers who patiently taught and reminded me of truth

Many of these ministries are ongoing. God continues to care for me. He recently provided a new lawn mower with a push button for my yard. Between last year and this, He’s given me 8 new supporters, and two supporters have increased support!

It has been exciting to watch the needed funds come in for my mission trip to the DeafNation World Expo. I have received $1800 of the needed $2100! Sadly, the Expo has been postponed another year, due to international COVID concerns. Please pray that the doors will be open to go next year. I know God has a plan and perfect timing.

SWM Volunteer Leah & me at a Deaf Social event

I have begun again attending local Deaf socials. Many deaf are still fearful of COVID, but some are beginning to venture out in public again. Please pray for open doors for spiritual influence.

Prayer Requests:

  • Ana, deaf, who has chosen her friends and lifestyle over Christ
  • A hearing man who thinks that going to Heaven and forever worshiping God sounds boring.
  • Wisdom for witnessing online through YouTube and social media – there are so many hurting people!
  • My support level – I am currently at 69%.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. I am looking forward to the NEXT 10 years serving with SWM!

Truly Blessed,

Tabitha Beam
Ecclesiastes 9:10